Step-by-Step User Journey

Step 1: Landing on the Website

  • User Action: Review what we are all about!

  • Platform Response: Guide user into App.

Step 2: Enter the App

  • User Action: Click "Launch App" button on the website

  • Platform Response: Redirects the user to the DApp interface

Step 3: Signing into an aDrop Profile

  • User Action: Choose sign in method and connect your wallet

  • Platform Response: Facilitates seamless and secure login process, does not ask for any private wallet information, just needs ability to initiate transactions for the user

Step 4: Land on Dashboard

  • User Action: Lands and scrolls through dashboard

  • Platform Response: Display available DApps, ongoing quest, user rankings, profile overview

Step 5: Explore Protocols with expected Airdrops

  • User Action: User browses protocols with potential upcoming airdrops

  • Platform Response: Presents a list of protocol airdrops with filter options

Step 6: Add a Protocol to Hunt to your quests

  • User Action: Select a specific protocol to hunt

  • Platform Response: Adds protocol to user's quests and opens an overview page detailing the protocol and associated quests

Step 7: Participate in Protocol specific quests (Weekly)

  • User Action: Select the initial available quest for this protocol

  • Platform Response: Open questing page with automated tasks

Step 8: Initiate Tasks within a Quest (Automated)

  • User Action: Click through tasks in order to complete the quest (i.e. Bridge ETH to zKSync then swap ETH for WBTW on sync swap)

  • Platform Response: Automate task so user never has to leave our front end (i.e. user clicks a button task is completed and all they need to do is sign with their wallet, no navigating around the DApp and getting confused or accidentally clicking on scam)

Step 9: Complete Tasks within a Quest (Automated)

  • User Action: User signs wallet transaction to complete transaction

  • Platform Response: Task completion is confirmed and Quest complete screen appears

Step 10: Visual Progression, Points, and Leveling Up

  • User Action: Completes all tasks associate with quest

  • Platform Response: Visual progression indicator with points allocated to user's profile at the completion of the quest

Step 11: Return to Dashboard to see Ranking

  • User Action: After completing return to dashboard to see profile section updated

  • Platform Response: Updates dashboard to reflect new status, rewards, points, and level

Step 12: Refer Friends to earn more!

  • User Action: Go to referral page and share your link

  • Platform Response: Recieve a commission or reward for every new paid subscriber you bring on.

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