Key Features and Benefits

Automated Airdrop Participation: automates and guides users through the process of qualifying for airdrops, reducing the time and effort required by users to perform high quality interactions by 99%.

Any chain support:

We are chain agnostic and can support interactions with any DApp on any blockchain.

Check to see your progress toward an Airdrop

Use our Wallet Checker to see if you are likely to qualify for an Airdrops Wallet Checker

Mobile first User-Friendly Dashboard:

A streamlined, intuitive dashboard gives users an easy overview of available DApps, ongoing quests, and potential airdrops.

Upgrade your Wallet and Enhance your On-chain Reputation:

We have gamified the DeFi experience through an in-depth points system and qualification criteria.

Non-invasive Interactions:

We don't ask you for anything that might put your wallet at risk. Your wallet is your wallet, you sign all the transactions and no counter-party trust is necessary.

Social Login Integration:

Simplified onboarding process with social logins.

Progress Tracking:

Visual indicators and progress bars keep you informed about quest completions and airdrop qualification.

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